Dumpster Sizes For Home Improvement Projects

10 March 2021
 Categories: Environmental, Blog


A rental dumpster is a better solution than frequent trips to the dump when it comes to home improvement jobs. Picking the right dumpster size is an important part of the process.

What Is the Job Size?

The first thing the rental company will ask is what you need the dumpster for. A home improvement job with complete tear-outs of fixtures and drywall, for example, may require a different size of dumpster than that for a roof teardown or a yard cleanup.

Depending on the job, the next question may be the size. The size refers to the space that the project entails, such as the square footage of your roof or the amount of rooms (and their square footage) involved in the remodeling project. Most average home projects only require a 20- to 25-yard dumpster, which is the size you are likely most familiar with, but some larger projects may require a bigger dumpster.

How Often Will You Dump?

You can often go with a smaller-sized dumpster if you plan to have it emptied throughout the project. This is a good option if you have a very large project or if you are unsure what size you need. You can opt to rent the smaller, and often less expensive, dumpster, and then schedule a garbage pickup. Carefully weigh the cost difference between emptying the dumpster and going with a larger size, though.

One thing to consider is how pickups are scheduled. Some rental companies require a set schedule, such as emptying the dumpster weekly or every two weeks during your rental period. Others allow you to call in for a pickup when it is needed. The second option is best if you are unsure whether you will need to have the dumpster emptied or not during the course of your project.

Where Will You Park It?

Another concern is where the dumpster will be placed during your project. Start by checking city codes and HOA rules. Some areas may require a permit to place the dumpster on the street. There may also be size limitation regulations to consider, especially if you will place the dumpster in the street or have HOA rules to follow.

You may be able to avoid some size limitation rules by parking the dumpster on your property, such as on a driveway or even in the yard. Keep in mind that you will still be limited by the size of your private space as well as how easily it can be accessed for drop-off and pickup.

Contact a dumpster rental service for more information and help with choosing the right dumpster for your project.