3 Reasons To Hire A Professional When Your Toilet Is Backing Up Regularly

25 March 2020
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An occasional toilet backup can be annoying, but in many cases it is a minor issue that can be resolved. However, if you have a toilet that is backing up on a regular basis, it is cause for concern and should not be ignored. When a toilet is backing up regularly, it is a sign that there is a major problem that should be addressed by an experienced plumber. Here are some of the top reasons that you should hire a plumber when your toilet is experiencing regular backups:

Using a Plunger is Not Helping

If a toilet has a minor clog, using a plunger is usually enough to resolve the issue. For example, if someone in your household flushed too much toilet paper after using the restroom, a plunger should be able to break up the clog so your toilet can flush properly. However, if there is a bigger problem causing the toilet backups, simply using a plunger will not solve the issue. If you have plunged your toilet but it is still backing up, it is in your best interest to contact a plumber who will be able to inspect your toilet, determine the reason why the toilet is backing up, and make the necessary repairs.

DIY Measures Can Do More Harm Than Good

If there is something wrong with your toilet that is causing it to back up frequently, trying to fix it yourself can cause more harm than good. Toilet drain cleaners can cause damage to your toilet and pipes if used too often, and renting a toilet snake from a home improvement store is not a good idea if you don't know what you're doing. If you're tired of your toilet backing up, you are much better off investing in the services of a plumber who will know what measures to take to repair the problem.

Signs Point to an Issue with Your Sewer Main

In some cases, a toilet can back up due to problems with your home's sewer main line. If the sewer main line becomes clogged or blocked, waste will not be able to flow to the sewer. When this happens, toilets can have problems flushing, and backups can occur because the waste in the toilet has nowhere to go. In the event that there is something wrong with your sewer main line, you will also most likely have issues with the drains in your home, as well as the toilets. 

Reach out to a plumber in your area for more information about toilet backup repair services.