Cleaning Your Own Grease Traps? Why You Need To Switch To A Professional Cleaning Service

5 January 2020
 Categories: Environmental, Blog


If you own a restaurant, proper grease trap cleaning is essential for proper sanitation and safety. Unfortunately, many restaurant owners turn grease trap cleaning responsibilities over to their kitchen crew, which can lead to disastrous results. Grease trap cleaning is something that should be left to the professionals, especially if you want to ensure that the job is done properly. Here are just four of the reasons why you need to invest in a professional grease trap cleaning service for your restaurant.

Ensure Proper Grease Disposal

When it comes to cleaning your grease trap, it's crucial that the waste be disposed of properly. Grease and food waste from the trap can't simply be tossed into the dumpster, especially if you want to avoid problems such as odors, pest infestations, and health code violations. One of the benefits of hiring a grease trap cleaning service is that they'll ensure the proper disposal of your grease trap waste. In fact, when you choose the right cleaning service, they'll provide recycling for your grease trap waste, which is better for the environment and better for you. 

Ensure Scheduled Maintenance

If you're not following a maintenance schedule for your grease trap, it might not be as clean as it should be. Unfortunately, if you're relying on your kitchen staff to maintain the grease trap, you have no way of ensuring that a schedule is being followed. Luckily, when you use a cleaning service, they'll ensure that scheduled maintenance is performed as needed, which means your grease trap will stay clean and problem-free. 

Ensure Accurate Record-Keeping

In addition to performing routine maintenance according to schedule, you also need to ensure that accurate records are kept for your grease trap. If you and your kitchen staff are performing the maintenance, your records might not be as up to date as they should be. Not only that, but they might not be as accurate and detailed as they need to be. One of the great things about trusting your grease trap cleaning to a professional service is that they'll ensure accurate record-keeping. 

Ensure Rapid Response to Problems

Finally, if you own a restaurant, you can't afford to deal with grease trap problems. Issues with your grease trap can lead to clogs and backups in your kitchen area. When you trust your grease traps to a professional cleaning service, you have the peace of mind in knowing that they'll provide rapid response to any problems they encounter during maintenance.

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